Recruitment Leads

Our bespoke lead generation package includes the following:

  • LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

  • Consultancy strategy calls

  • Targeted outreach for LinkedIn

  • New Client & Candidate Generation

  • 4,000+ Connection requests and profile views Per Month

  • Average 2,000+ New connections per month per profile.

  • Fully Managed Service

  • On-Call Account Management Support

Saving hours every day – Valuable time which can be spent nurturing relationships instead of scouring LinkedIn for leads

We’ve tested every method for generating clients and candidates in the most efficient ways possible. Every time it comes back to the same things:

  • Content

  • Email Marketing

  • Relationships

  • Effective LinkedIn Outreach


We will give you strategy and create blog posts relevant to your audience.

Effective LinkedIn Outreach

We take care of all LinkedIn outreach for you. Generating new client & candidate leads daily.

Email Marketing

We will build your LinkedIn networks, to add thousands of contacts to your email list


While we take care of the content and outreach side of things, you as a recruiter will be freed up to focus on building meaningful relationships with your clients and candidates.

How do we do this?

We use your personal LinkedIn profile and follow these simple steps:

  1. We optimise your profile – we ensure you have maximum visibility to increase engagement and ensure there is relevant content and published articles.
  2. Select the targeted audience – we run a filtered search, specifying by job title, location, industry, companies and keywords.
  3. Run an auto-view campaign – your targeted connections will receive a notification that you have viewed their profile.
  4. Send out a connection request with a short, personalised introductory message.
  5. Send a direct personalised message with an intro summary including a calendar booking / web / email link to everyone who accepts.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5.
  7. Reply to your messages and watch the leads roll in.